ABOUT Esa Evans started creating jewellery because she couldn't find a thing to wear.

"My passion for great design and love of beautiful things has evolved over the years I spent studying art as well as in renovating houses and endlessly scrolling through the internet for a fashion bargain.

"I began making jewellery for myself, because I couldn't find the pieces that expressed a sense of humour in the way that I wanted. I wanted to wear strong, witty design every day at an affordable price."

"I find ways of adding humour to the design or even in the packaging - you'll always smile when you receive an ESA EVANS package in the post!

"I've got a colourful wardrobe and I'm no stranger to sequins, but even if I lived life in neutrals, I would still say the sparkle of jewellery around the face adds the finishing touch to every look; daytime AND evening.

"That's why smart people buy jewellery - it's a reward for yourself and a wearable, enjoyable treat for someone special."

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