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NEW COLLECTION: Flights of Fancy >>> Click to view

The ESA EVANS trade website has easy Quick Shop options and simple ordering. 

Our terms and conditions are simple:

Payment by invoice

If you are a returning customer, you will be able to order ESA EVANS jewellery on 30-day, payment terms.

First-time orders will be payable in advance via proforma invoices.

Simple, fixed fee shipping

UK shipping is free on all orders over £350 (excluding VAT). Fixed shipping fee of £5 for orders under £350.

International shipping is free on all orders over £500 (no tax on overseas orders). Fixed shipping fee of £10 for orders under £500.

All other shoppers... If you are looking for our retail site for gift/individual purchases, please visit www.esaevans.com.

Contemporary, affordable, collectible

ESA EVANS is a member of the Association for Cultural Enterprises

How we work now

Covid has changed the way many of us live and work. If you are developing your online presence and need pack shots for e-commerce sites/social media, I can send images via WeTransfer.

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Flights of Fancy

The latest ESA EVANS collections of Paper Plane and Feather Pendants and Stud Earrings is available now in 18kt gold plate or polished stainless steel.

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Silver Linings

Look on the bright side... the Silver Lining collection has been warmly received by all ages of jewellery wearers. Start stocking this collection today - pendants and earrings in steel, gold and rose gold finishes.

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